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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wiggins on phronesis and Grice on aspects of reasoning


φρήν , φρενός, pl. φρένες: (1) pl., midriff, diaphragmIl. 10.10Il. 16.481Od. 9.301. Since the word physically designates the parts enclosing the heart, φρήνφρένες comes to mean secondarily:—(2) mind, thoughts, etc. φρεσὶ νοεῖνκατὰ φρὲνα εἰδέναι,μετὰ φρεσὶ βάλλεσθαιἐνὶ φρεσὶ γνῶναι, etc. φρένες ἐσθλαί, a good understanding; φρένας βλάπτειν τινίIl. 15.724; of the will, Διὸς ἐτράπετο φρήνIl. 10.45; feelings, φρένα τέρπετοIl. 1.474.

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