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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grice and Goffman on irrationality


Goffman writes (p. 22): "On the boundaries of a willingness to unite are ex-mental patients -- only a relatively small number are currently willing to support MENTAL HEALTH clubs, in spipte of innocuous club TITLES which allow members to come together under a plain wrapper."

The references Goffman gives here are:

"A general survey is provided in H. Wechsler, "The expatient organisation: a survey", Journal of Social Issues, vol. XVI 1960, p. 47053.

Titles of such clubs include:

Revovery Inc.
Search Club
Club 103
Fountain House Foundation
San Francisco Fellowship Club
Center Club

For a study of one such club, see D. Landy and S. Singer, "The social organisation and culture of a club for former mental patients," Human Relations, vol. XIV 1961, 31-41. See also M. B. Palmer, "Social rehabilitation for mental patients," Mental Hygiene, vol. XLII 1958, 24-28.

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