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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grice: A Marxist

“My taste is for keeping open house for all sorts and conditions of entities, just so long as when they come in they help with the house-work. Provided that I can see them at work, and provided that they are not detected in illicit logical behaviour … I do not find them queer or mysterious at all. To fangle a new ontological Marxism, they work therefore they exist, even though only some, perhaps those who come on the recommendation of some form of transcendental argument, may qualify for the specially flavoured status of entia realissima. To exclude honest working entities seems to me like metaphysical snobbery, a reluctance to be seen in the company of any but the best objects.”

 ---  Paul Grice, (1975) “Method in Philosophical Psychology (From the Banal to the Bizarre)”, Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 48, 23-53.

Six Conversational Implicatures A Minute


Paul Tosey, Wendy Sullivan and Margaret Meyer have recently published a paper which investigates the origin of the claim that people speak "six metaphors a minute".