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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Peano and Grice on 'the'


According to

the pronunciation of "Donnellan" in IPA (International Phonetic Association) notation is

So someone mispronouncing Donnellan's surname may still be referring to him (Black always did).

Whitehead and Russell borrow (but never return) from Giuseppe Peano "ɿ" -- what Peano calls the inverted iota operator, to read as ‘the’.

It is used in expressions for definite descriptions, such as (ɿx)φx, which is read: "the x such that φx".

[(ɿx)φx] -- a definite description in brackets -- is a scope indicator for definite descriptions.

Finally, E! is defined at *14·02, in the context E!(ɿx)φx, to mean that the description (ɿx)φx is proper, i.e., there is exactly one φ.

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