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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kaarlo Jaakko Juhani Hintikka and Herbert Paul Grice: IMPLICATURE AS A GAME


For the record, J. Hintikka contributed a piece on the logic of 
conversation to Grandy/Warner, "P. G. R. I. C. E.", short for "Philosophical  Grounds
of Rationality: Categories, Intentions, Ends. (*)

Most say that Hintikka was a genius.

Oops, another -iana!

The volume was meant as a festschrift for P. Grice, but The Clarendon 
Press said that they would not publish anything with "P. Grice" in the
title, as  it would decrease sales. So Grandy and Warner came up with the
acronym. Grice  was supposed to answer individually to each contribution (as Popper
does in his  festschrift that McEvoy often quotes) but changed his mind --
implicating: he  didn't. But the ultimate implicature seems to be that
"Yeah, I like Hintikka's  piece!" (only Grice would rather be seen dead than
uttering "Yeah").

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