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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is There A Griceian Problem About Sense Data?


sense-datum, n. Etymology:  < sense n. + datum n.
Whatever is the immediate object of any of the senses, usually, but not always, with the implication that it is not a material object.
1882   J. Royce in Mind VII. 44   What relation does the external reality bear to the sense-datum?
1890   W. James Princ. Psychol. II. xx. 146   It is no wonder if some authors have gone so far as to think that the sense-data have no spatial worth at all.
1912   B. Russell Probl. Philos. i. 12   Let us give the name of ‘sense-data’ to the things that are immediately known in sensation: such things as colours, sounds, smells, hardnesses, roughnesses, and so on.
1938   W. S. Maugham Summing Up 260   The sense-datum, on which I thought all knowledge was based, seemed to me something given, which had to be accepted whether it suited the convenience or not.
1956   A. J. Ayer Probl. Knowl. 85 immediately given in perception is an evanescent object called an idea, or an impression, or a presentation, or a sense-datum, which is not only private to a single observer but private to a single sense.
1980   Dædalus Spring 11   From the point of view of strict empiricism, the attempt to go beyond sense data..seems to fail.

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