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Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Schizophrenic Grice" -- Grice cited by Ruth Wodak and Pete Van de Craen in "Neurotic and Psychotic Language Behaviour" -- p. 251 -- the reference is to Grice's William James Lectures for 1967 and the "Kantian" theory of a set of 'conversational maxims' yielding implicatures -- conversation as 'rational behaviour' or 'activity'


Neurotic and Psychotic Language Behaviour - Pagina 251

Ruth Wodak, ‎Pete Van de Craen -
We claim that the lack of co-operation in schizophrenic discourse distorts the communication and consequently hinders ... Grice's principle of co-operation can be summarized as follows: 'Make your conversational contribution as is required, ...

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