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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

OBLIGE/OBLIGATE: the implicatures -- Hart vs. Grice


obligate, v.


Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˈɒblᵻɡeɪt/ , U.S. /ˈɑbləˌɡeɪt/

15– obligate,  

15 obligatt (past participle),  

18 obolygate (U.S. regional),  

18– hobligaate (Eng. regional (Worcs.));  

also Sc. pre-17 oblegat (past tense),

  pre-17 obligat (past tense).

Etymology:     <  classical Latin obligāt-, past participial stem (compare -ate suffix3) of "obligāre" "oblige", v.   Compare earlier obligate adj.

With the past tense forms oblegat  , obligat   and the past participle obligate   compare obligate adj.
 1. trans.



i. To bind (a person) morally.


ii. to put (a person) under moral obligation


iii. to constrain

iv. to compel

v. to oblige.


Usu. in pass. with infinitive. Now chiefly North American.

1533   T. Gilbert Let. 7 July in Lisle Papers (P.R.O.: SP 3/10/113) f. 143,   I were grettly bownd to praye for yow: where yow haue oblygatt me yn tymys past so for to do.
1668   in Athenæum (1894) 2 June 710/1   My station obligates me to render service with obedience to her commands.
1753   G. Washington Writings (1889) I. 33   They were obligated, according to Promise, to give the Present.
1764   S. Foote Mayor of Garret i. 19   Sir, I am obligated to leave you.
a1774   A. Tucker Light of Nature Pursued (1777) III. ii. 424   The more ties wherewith we are obligated to any, the nearer he stands in proximity to us.
1828   D. M. Moir Life Mansie Wauch i. 12   His wife and small family..that he had been obligated to leave.
1859   W. Anderson Discourses (1860) 308   You are not only warranted but obligated to vindicate yourself.
1888   ‘C. E. Craddock’ Despot Broomsedge Cove 146   The parson..was ‘obligated’ to go down to the Settlement.
1900   S. R. Crockett Little Anna Mark xl. 340   When she came to New Milns she was obligated to go to the Scots kirk with Sir James.
1902   H. Kingsford in Eng. Dial. Dict. (1903) IV. 320/1   [Worcs.] I was obligated to get me a donkey.
1925   T. Dreiser Amer. Trag. I. xv. 114   He feared to obligate himself to do something which later he might not be able to do.
1955   C. McCullers in Mademoiselle Nov. 134/1   ‘I can't stay but just a minute,’ John said. ‘I'm obligated to sell those tickets. I have to eat and run.’
1975   N.Y. Times 29 Nov. 26/1   President Ford is obligated early next month to report to Congress on the ‘progress’ of negotiations looking toward a Cyprus settlement.
1996   Financial Post (Canada) 5 Nov. 25/1   When shipping goods to an HST province from elsewhere in Canada, a vendor is obligated to collect the 15% HST and remit the amount to the federal government.

 b. To bind a person legally.

1581   Protocol Bk. J. Robertsone (Edinb. Reg. House) f. 16,   William Jak..oblegat refond..fourty schillingis..for ilk tyme that he beis fundin playand at cartis or dys.
1755   N. Magens Ess. Insurances II. 109   If a Master sells his Ship, the new Master and Sailors shall not be obligated to each other.
1879   Standard 15 Dec.   The Royal Princes..having been properly obligated, were invested as Knights of the Temple and Malta.
1879   Constit. Calif. in J. Bryce Amer. Commonw. (1888) II. App. 673   Every which a debtor is obligated to pay any tax.
1978   L. DeBakey & S. DeBakey in Grants Mag. Mar. 45/2   If the grantor provides an outline of the order in which the proposal is to be written, you are obligated to follow these specifications.
1982   Sc. Law Times 29 Jan. 7/2   In this situation it was open to the defender either to sign the letter and further obligate himself, or to refuse to accept this additional obligation.

2. trans. To make a thing a security; to pledge, pawn, mortgage. Cf. oblige v. 3a.

1541   in R. G. Marsden Sel. Pleas Court Admiralty (1894) I. 107   The..capitayn..hath full bynd and obligate..the shipp with her frayghte.
1774   S. Hallifax Anal. Rom. Law (1795) 87   Actio Serviana..for the recovery of goods, obligated by the Hirer, as a security for his Rent.
1890   E. Johnson Rise Christendom 57   Which things..we forbid to be alienated and obligated, except for the sake of the redemption of captives.

 a. To bind, connect, attach.

1547   J. Hooper Declar. Christe xi, in Early Writings (1843) 84   Therefore is not the interpretation of the scripture obligated unto an ordinary power, nor to the most part.

 b. To bind round, fasten up.

c1600   Timon (1980) iii. v. 49   Let it bee lawfull for & obligate your eares with my words.
 4. trans.

 a. To make (a person) indebted; to confer a favour on, gratify. Usu. in pass. Now chiefly U.S.

1692   R. South Serm. (1697) I. 503   While the Courteous person thinks that he is obligating and doing such an one a kindness, the Proud person..accounts him to be only paying a debt.
1726   Four Years Voy. Capt. G. Roberts 159   Yet, said they, we are more obligated to St. Antonio, because it was he that directed the this Island.
1763   Connecticut Rec. XII. 206   The same monies for which the said Knap and Monmouth were obligated..being unpaid.
1810   Shelley Let. 14 Nov. (1964) I. 20,   I am much obligated by the trouble you have taken to fit it for the press.
1838   C. Gilman Recoll. Southern Matron 52   Sister Nancy was much obligated by the fans and basket Miss Neely sent her.
1882   Nature 16 Mar. 453/2   For which all scientific men will feel deeply obligated.
1898   J. MacManus Bend of Road 73   I'll be happy to obligate ye.
1919   F. Hurst Humoresque 226   She thought maybe..I'd go over to her place for Wednesday-night supper for a change. You know how a girl like Clara gets to feeling obligated.
1963   PMLA 78 11/1   Many of them felt obligated to turn out teaching materials as a kind of quid pro quo for their $350 stipend.
1992   D. F. Gates Chief v. 61   It is assumed each officer has enough pride to be his own person and not be obligated to anyone.

b. To render (conduct, etc.) obligatory.

1879   G. MacDonald Paul Faber I. xvii. 219   The purpose justified an interest in him beyond what gratitude obligated.



  ˈobligated adj. that is under or characterized by obligation; compelled, constrained.

1740   S. Richardson Pamela II. 72   Your so much obligated Pamela.
1813   T. Busby in tr. Lucretius Nature of Things I. iii. Comm. p. xxx,   If..the only obligated its subjection to mortality.
1993   Ethics 104 61   It is done in order to make the obligated person act as the obligator wishes.

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