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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Is Grice A European Philosopher?


News of the American presidential campaign (Grice was American) has to share space in British newspapers with the recent referendum on whether the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Grice was British) should leave the European Union.

This rapidly became a Griceian lexicographical hotspot.

We've commented before on

i. Brexit

portmanteau for

ii. British exit.

But February saw several appearances in more upmarket papers of the rather strained neologism

iii. Bremain

for the opposing idea

iv. British remain.

Journalists have created Brexiter for a supporter of withdrawal (and Brexiteer, also; you will note the subtle negative associations of that extra e).

But not so far its equivalent Bremainer.

But we've started to see Bremaineer and Bremainster as well as the more conventional remainer.

Suggestions of a partial return after a Brexit has been termed Bre-entry.

There’s plenty of time for more inventions, in retrospect.

Some have recently discovered that some are Brexpats.

They are uniting under the Twitter umbrella @brexpats — Brits who live in Europe.

And another new compound met my eye recently:

Brexitism, the concept or Griceist philosophy behind Brexit -- if there is one.

The Scots borrowed the idea to make

v. Scexit

at the time of their referendum on independence from the UK.

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