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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Was Grice a Corpuscularian?


Atomism is the doctrine that stuff is composed of atoms. Boyle found that irritating: he would rather say that stuff is composed of 'corpuscules'. This gave rise to Corpuscularianism.

When Lord Russell delivered his lectures on "The Philosophy of Logical Atomism," he could have entitled his lectures "The Philosophy of Logical Corpuscularianism," since nobody was listening anyways (He wasn't a Lord yet).

Grice has Corpuscularian tendencies: he is always looking to analyse the way of words into smaller and smaller particles: the neustic and the phrastic and the tropic and the clistic, and the radix and the propositional complex, compounded out of a set of various items each of which we can call a 'simplex'.

But coincidentally, ATOMISM is said to have had mainly three adherents: Russell, his student (or was the other way round?) Witters (of Grice's "Some like Witters but Moore's MY man") *AND* Carnap.

And so there is some interface there!

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